Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (MISO)

The IO graduate program emphasizes content issues and applied research, while encouraging and providing opportunities to conduct basic research. It is designed to provide students with a rigorous foundation in the theories, principles, methods, and empirical research that constitute the science of industrial and organizational psychology.  

The program is intended to meet the core knowledge requirements of the discipline, following the recommendations of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, while affording students the flexibility to customize individual programs to suit their personal interests and exploit available research and learning opportunities in the community.

In addition to knowledge in the critical content areas of IO psychology, the program develops competencies essential to successful organizational careers. These skills include listening, writing clearly, public speaking, and persuading, as well as proficiency in the statistical and analytic research technologies typically employed by large organizations. The ethics and integrity of psychological practice are emphasized throughout this program.

To achieve these objectives, full-time faculty present the twelve required seminars in the graduate program. Full-time faculty also present elective courses, supplemented by adjunct faculty members who have earned graduate degrees, developed special expertise, or accumulated relevant experience.

To accommodate the needs of both part- and full-time students, classes meet one evening per week on Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:15 to 9:00pm.