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Students Entering FALL 2012: Major Requirements


PSY 100    Introduction to Psychology


STA 205     Introduction to Statistical Methods (prerequisite C- or better in MAHD 095 or MAHD 099, or placement)

PSY 210     Research Methods in Psychology (prerequisites PSY 100 & STA 205; co-requisite PSY 210L & 210R)

PSY 210L   Research Tools in Psychology (co-requisites PSY 210 & 210R)

PSY 210R   Career Planning for Psych. Majors (co-requisites PSY 210 & 210L)                                                 

PSY 305     Psych. Testing and Measurement (prerequisites PSY 100 , STA 205, PSY 210 & 210L)


PSY 311         Biopsychology (prerequisite PSY 100)

PSY 321         Lifespan Development (prerequisite PSY 100)

PSY 333         Abnormal Psychology (prerequisite PSY 100)

PSY 337         Animal Learning (prerequisite PSY 100)

PSY 338         Cognitive Processes (prerequisite PSY 100)

PSY 340         Social Psychology (prerequisite PSY 100)

Note:  Students with credit for Psy 220, Psy 319, and/or Psy 320 cannot receive credit for 321.


Five courses totaling at least 13 hours, only two of which may be at the 200-level

Additional B.A. Requirements

Option A. 
Six hours of the same foreign language. These hours may not be used to fulfill a general studies requirement.

Option B.
Three hours of study abroad approved by the NKU Office of Education Abroad.  These hours do not have to be in psychology. 


Additional B.S. Requirements

Option A. 
One college-level mathematics or statistics course, in addition to STA 205, and  two of the following PSY lab courses:  PSY 309L,  PSY 311L, PSY 321L, PSY 338L, PSY 340L, PSY 465L.

Option B.
Two 300-level statistics courses, and one of the following PSY lab courses:  PSY 309L, PSY 3llL, PSY 321L, PSY 338L, PSY 340L, PSY 465L.

Additional Department Requirements

  • Students must have a minimum grade of C-, and a minimum GPA of 2.0, in all coursework used for major certification.
  • All transfer students must complete 21 hours of psychology coursework at NKU.
  • All students must take a standardized psychology assessment test during their final full semester prior to graduation.