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1990s Anthropology Alumni Stories

Kathy Cahill

Kathy teaches special needs children in the Cincinnati Public Schools.

Michele Carper-Ruby

A 1998 grad, Michele answered an ad for a social worker who majored in anthropology and worked for a year at the Brighton Center in nearby Newport. Michele double-majored in anthro and social work. Recently she graduated from NKU's Chase College of Law where she had a Commonwealth Scholarship that paid all her law school tuition.

Jo Ann L. Bachman Pemberton Delaney

Jo Ann worked for the Great American Life Insurance Company in Cincinnati when she was pursuing an MBA at Xavier University.  She now works as an accountant for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Joshua T. Hankins

A 1995 grad, Josh is a banker with Cincinnati's Fifth Third Bank.

Dana M. Hildebrand

A 1998 alumna and winner of the Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award, Dana lives with her family in Rising Sun, Indiana, and has conducted applied ethnographic research at a fire department and a nursing home. In the past she also has done some substitute teaching in the Rising Sun public schools. After graduating from NKU Dana went on to get her AAS degree in computers from Ivy Tech in Indiana. For years she taught mostly technology and nursing students at the National College of Business and Technology in nearby Florence, Kentucky where she was named chair of the computer sciences department.  After that she taught sociology at Beckfield College in both Florence, Kentucky and Springdale, Ohio.

A few years ago Dana wrote, "It's a small school, but, oh, the opportunities! Though anthropology is not offered, I am the critical thinking teacher (among other subjects) and I'm MAKING SURE that they get a healthy dose of anthropological tenet as it relates to uncovering prejudicial thinking and unearthing ingrained, and blindly accepted stereotypes. Nothing thrills me more than to hear my students say that they've had an epiphany regarding how they 'never even realized I thought that way.' I do love my job."

Dana says that anthropology is "still my way of life."

More recently Dana writes, “I've finished my Master's in Adult Education and am now the Dean of Online Learning at Beckfield College.”

Kristine L. Kamrath

A 1999 anthro graduate, Kris was an NKU women's basketball star. She is currently working as an aide for children with special needs in Waukesha, Wisconsin before heading back to school to get her special education certification.

Kris writes, "With my anthro degree I got the chance to work at Crow Canyon Archaeology Center in Cortez, Colorado for a summer, and it was amazing. I then worked for the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, teaching archaeology and environmental education to grade-school children at Camp Whitcomb/Mason for the last three years."

She is pursuing a career in public anthropology.

Christina E. Kelly

A 1996 grad and winner of the Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award, Christina has finished her graduate degree in archaeology at the University of Montana. During the summer of 1998, Christina did an archaeological survey near Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal, Utah. She also recently got to excavate at a Mandan Indian site in North Dakota. Christina is employed by Gray and Pape in Cincinnati as a professional archaeologist.

Ann K. Kleemeier

Ann, a 1999 grad and winner of the Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award, worked for awhile here in Campbell County with juvenile services as a court designated worker. Ann describes the job as "one of the most interesting that I'll ever have."  A court designated worker takes complaints about juveniles from law enforcement, school officials, and the public. Depending upon the juvenile's record, Ann could either send the individual to court or put them on "diversion," which can include education, community service, or counseling. She got that job through another anthropology alumna, Debbie Williamson.

Ann writes that "And early this January I was teaching a class on the Earned Income Tax Credit (I work for the IRS now) and drew a kinship chart on the board to help my students understand who was a 'qualifying child' for the credit.  Students commented on the helpfulness of kinship chart on their class evaluations....[Anthropology] took me into the professional world with an eye to finding what is common between people and the unique qualities of individuals and helped me be successful in all of my jobs."  

Ann and her sister, Sarah Kleemeier, are the only set of sisters both to major in anthropology at NKU.

Mary Leising

Mary works for Cincinnati's Professional Management Services.

Robin L. Martin-Holmes

A winner of the Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award, Robin has continued in her job as a flight attendant for American Airlines, but now she home bases out of Louisiana where her husband has a position as a business professor. (Remember when Robin did an independent study on the Indians of the southwest and made half a dozen trips that semester to Arizona and New Mexico--must be nice to have free airfare!) Robin, her husband, and children are exploring Cajun culture and, like good anthropologists, are busy learning to speak the native language, French.

Wood C. Meade

A winner of the Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award, Wood has continued to work in aviation, at Cincinnati's Lunken Airport. In addition, he spends his time volunteering in the identification of sites for the Kentucky State Office of Archaeology.

Carly Meyer

Carly, a 1996 alumna, has worked with the archaeology company, Gray and Pape, in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine since graduating. She started out as a field technician, became a lab assistant, and then moved on to the graphics department. Carly is now a mapping specialist with Gray and Pape.

Jo'el R. Pare'

Jo'el is working on her master's in education at the University of Cincinnati with a goal of teaching English as a foreign language. She writes that "my background in anthropology has helped prepare me for my future career."

Robin Cozzone Pelfrey

Right after graduation in 1997 Robin worked for Averitt Express, in nearby Boone County, where she received an award for her outstanding work. More recently, Robin graduated from Eastern Kentucky University's nursing program as an RN with a BSN and was hired to work at the University of Kentucky's medical center on their trauma unit. After that she worked at St. Luke East in telemetry with cardiac patients.

Robin writes, "I have recently worked as a hospice nurse as well, and now I am back in the Lexington area working for a couple of staffing agencies.  I get to work all over this way and meet all kinds of people.  My current contract is with the VA  Hospital where I get to work with all of our great heroes of our country.  I will be eventually relocating back to northern Kentucky though.  This is the great aspect about nursing, you can go anywhere and work.  My granddaughter will soon be 7 and my grandson is now 16 months old.  I recently lost my mother to a long standing illness...she was my best friend, and I will miss her.  She is the main reason I got to attend NKU.  She watched my kids so that I could attend college and work all those weird hours.  I still work those weird hours, but my kids are grown now."

Robin emphasizes, "My true love is anthropology though, and I do use it every day in my job. I had wonderful professors at NKU that have really influenced my life."

Julie M. Pelle

A winner of the Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award, Julie has finished her graduate degree in applied anthropology at the University of South Florida and recently completed an environmental research project in Cincinnati for the Society for Applied Anthropology.

Jeffrey A. Perry

Jeff is in sales with Franklin's Printing in Cincinnati and keeps up his interest in anthropology.

Alsace L. Rodgers

Alsace is completing her doctorate in educational foundations at the University of Cincinnati and has taught some undergraduate course there. The fall of 2001 found her teaching Introduction to African American Studies at NKU.

Jeremy A. Rosing

A 1999 grad, Jeremy is currently a Boone County, Kentucky Sheriff's deputy. Recently, in July 2010, he made a remarkable recovery when he was outside his marked Boone County Sheriff's SUV, its lights and flashers on, making a traffic stop on I-275 near Hebron, KY and another car crashed into his parked SUV driving it into Jeremy.

Tabitha A. Lippitt Sellers

A 1994 grad, Tabitha got to excavate at a neanderthal site in Spain and still works in physical anthropology.  She got her MS in anthropology from the University of Cincinnati.  Tabitha recently has accepted a full-time position (with benefits) as an Exhibit Specialist at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History at Union Terminal. At present she also teaches anthropology part time at NKU.

Ryan Stewart Shadle

A 1996 grad, Ryan is working on his MA at NKU in the Integrative Studies (a.k.a. Liberal Studies) program.

He writes, "I have been married for seven years and have a 12-year old son who is already more intelligent than I am. We have lived in Fort Thomas for the last three years. I currently work for Cincinnati State as a writing instructor. I also am a part-time consultant for a local non-profit called InkTank. I mentor third graders every Thursday morning throughout the school year at Oyler school in Price Hill. I also serve as a volunteer writing instructor at the Urban Appalachian Council. I lead a writing group at the Drop Inn Center in the Men's Recovery Group as well."

Tristen O. Shields

A 1998 grad, Tristen is currently working on his MA degree in history at the University of Cincinnati.

Jacob J. Stewart

Jake has worked in archaeology in Cincinnati and then attended Hocking College in Ohio to obtain a Level II federal law enforcement commission. He plans to combine that with his anthropology background and pursue a position with either the National Park Service or U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Jennifer P. DeBerry Swanson

A 1996 grad, Jennifer completed her MA degree at the University of Montana and continues to live in Montana.

Elizabeth D. Villing

Elizabeth works for the city of Cincinnati but maintains her interest in physical anthropology by attending the annual Mountain, Swamp, and Beach Forensic Anthropology Conference. She plans to begin graduate work in forensic anthropology. Recently Elizabeth got to meet and have dinner with famed forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow.

Angela R. Wallingford

Angela is a contract archaeologist here in the tri-state.

Bridget R. Bailey Williams

Bridget has gone the environmental careers route in Kentucky and has a position with River Fields in Louisville.

Anthony Willoughby

After working for a year as a contract archaeologist in Pittsburgh, Tony returned to NKU to pursue a career in education as a science teacher.

Paul J. Zloba, Jr.

Paul is a contract archaeologist here in the tri-state.