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2010s Anthropology Alumni Stories

Cora Arney

Cora is pursuing her Master of Public History degree at NKU.

Jason Bellis

Jason, Class of 2013, plans to pursue a graduate degree in Viking and Norse Studies at the University of Iceland. 

Emela Halilovic

A 2010 graduate of NKU Anthropology and a winner of both the NKU Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award and the NKU Excelsior Award, Emela Halilovic went on to earn her Master’s in anthropology from the University of Sussex in England.  Her research interests include cultural and social anthropology, political anthropology, political economy, transnationalism, the United States, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.  Beginning with the fall semester 2015, Emela is teaching anthropology part time at NKU. 

Jacob Hodge

Jacob, Class of 2012, plans to begin grad school at NKU pursuing an MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Stephanie Feltner Konkel

Stephanie writes, “Since graduating I have become a Business Development Consultant at a car dealership in central Kentucky. My job allows me to work with people both directly and indirectly as well as control the way my department approaches customer service (using certain phrases, greetings, etc.) so that customers are more comfortable.”

Paul Brandon Spence

Paul graduated from NKU in 2012, the same year he won the NKU Anthropology Volunteer Award.  Now a grad student in anthropology at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), he writes that “I consider myself very lucky…to have gone through an anthropology program like that at NKU. The very thorough grounding you all gave me in the four fields has been invaluable. I've felt like I had a more solid foundation than other students [at ENMU], and it has helped….Please tell everyone thank you for me. I wasn't a part of the department long, but it became home.”
Paul goes on to say that “I've been doing well in the masters program out here at ENMU. I'm currently working on my masters thesis, doing research in lithic procurement at Tsiping'uinge, a coalition era Pueblo. I'm hoping to finish in the spring (it's a three year program, but you know me, lol). I spent the summer with the Field School from ENMU. We excavated at Blackwater Draw (Paleoindian Bison kills) and at Arena Alta, a late Chacoan outlier near Farmington NM. We excavated part of a large Kiva and surveyed a part of the Great North Road that was previously unsurveyed.

I'm also working for Dr. Samuel Duwe on the Tewa Basin Archaeological Research Project (TBARP) analyzing precontact Tewa ceramics, and also TAing a course on maps, presentations, and statistics.

I'm presenting a poster at SAA [Society of American Archaeology] this spring on my research.

They are keeping me very busy.

It is a good program with a great reputation in the southwest. The professors are all very nice and very helpful. We have students doing research from Paleoindian archaeology through Depression era, and anthropological research in current indigenous affairs. It is challenging and interesting, and I consider myself very lucky to be here… I would recommend the program here to anyone interested in Paleoindian archaeology or the Southwest. I'd be happy to be a reference for anyone considering grad school out here.”   
Paul is the son of Dan Spence, Director of NKU’s Haile Digital Planetarium, and the second NKU anthro grad to get his Master’s at ENMU.  Richard W. Coleman, Class of 1987, also got his Master’s from ENMU.
Way to go, Paul!

Andrew Whelan

A 2013 NKU anthropology grad and lifetime member of the Gamma of Kentucky Chapter of Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society, Andrew is currently living and teaching in Japan through the JET Programme.