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Graduate Programs

The following are listings of graduate programs in anthropology:

Locally, there are several universities with graduate program in anthropology:

A Master's degree in anthropology can be quite useful in anthropology jobs outside the university and is necessary to teach in community colleges; a Ph.D. is required to teach in four-year colleges and universities.

When considering graduate school in anthropology:

  • Only apply to universities that specialize in your interests (for example, Ohio Valley prehistory, Indians of the Southwest, languages of East Asia, Latin America, African art, applied anthropology, medical anthropology, hominid evolution, etc.).
  • Review the universities listed in the AAA Guide to Departments of Anthropology.
  • Talk with the NKU anthropology faculty about your choices.
  • Visit the universities of your choice and make an appointment to meet with at least one member of the anthropology faculty.
  • If you cannot visit, correspond with one of the professors in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • Request information on scholarships, assistantships, fellowships, and other forms of financial help.
  • Apply to at least two universities.
  • Apply for admission at least nine months before you plan to start.

Should you be interested in becoming a university professor, you should not limit your choice of graduate school to the local area and realize that a career as a professor could take you anywhere in the country.

A Master of Public Administration degree can be quite useful in applied anthropology jobs. NKU offers an MPA degree, and welcomes anthropology majors into the program.   Several NKU anthropology graduates have gone this route.

NKU also offers a law (JD) degree, and anthropology majors typically are quite successful in law school. Several NKU anthropology graduates have gone this route.

NKU's Integrative Studies Program, through the MAIS degree (formerly the MALS degree), allow anthropology students to get a graduate degree in a related interdisciplinary area like Native American studies.  Several NKU anthropology graduates have gone this route.  

A Master of Arts in Public History degree also exists at NKU.  Several NKU anthropology graduates have gone the MAPH degree route.

It is also possible to pursue a Master of Science in Library Science degree through UK but on the NKU campus.  Several NKU anthropology graduates have gone the MSLS degree route.