Native American Studies Minor

The Native American Studies Minor consists of 21 semester hours and requires the completion of the course requirements listed below.

Major, minor, and general education requirements are determined by the University Catalog for the year that a student first enrolls as a degree seeking student. It is possible change catalog years, but students must notify the registrar and will be bound by the new catalog year for all other requirements (graduation, general education, other majors and minors).

Native American Studies Minor Requirements

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Native American Studies Minor Checklists

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Ya'a'teeh! For more than 95% of the time humans have lived in the Americas, the only people here have been Native Americans.

To understand the history and cultures of the Americas, one must start with Native Americans. Far from disappearing either physically or culturally, Native Americans today are increasing in numbers and represent hundreds of vibrant and unique ways of life. To learn about Native Americans is to explore yet another avenue of what it means to be human.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is rich in Native American culture. Northern Kentucky University is located in the heart of the prehistoric Ohio Valley mound-builder cultures of Adena, Hopewell, and Fort Ancient, on lands claimed by both the historic Shawnee and Cherokee.

The university is only about 50 miles from the soon-to-be-built Kentucky Center for Native American Arts and Culture and is recognized by the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission.

There is a Native American student organizations at NKU: Kiksuya. Native American Studies minors are encouraged to participate as well join the Student Anthropology Society.

Through Kiksuya, NKU students go to reservations in the Dakotas each May.

The program also sponsors an annual Native American Lecture Series each November, Native American Heritage Month in Kentucky.

At the end of each academic year, our department presents the Outstanding Student in Native American Studies Award.

There are about 150 Native American or individual tribal studies programs in the United States and Canada. NKU Native American Studies is the only such program in the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley region.

For more information, please contact our current faculty advisors.