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Philosophy Major

Major, minor, and general education requirements are determined by the University Catalog for the year that a student first enrolls as a degree seeking student. It is possible change catalog years, but students must notify the registrar and will be bound by the new catalog year for all other requirements (graduation, general education, other majors and minors).

Philosophy Major Requirements

The links below provide direct links to general education and major requirements as well as four-year plans and course descriptions in the NKU Undergraduate Catalog:

Philosophy Major Checklists

Over the years there have been changes to the set of requirements for the philosophy major and to some of the courses in our curriculum.

Please consult with an advisor during your first year as a declared philosophy major and at least a year before you plan to graduate. Philosophy faculty are available at any time to answer questions and offer useful advice about courses, your program of study, and your career interests.

For more information, please contact our current faculty advisors.