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Business Career Track Alumni

Tooba Siddiqui

Tooba (Tee) Siddiqui graduated with a B.S. in sociology and a concentration in organizational leadership in December 2013. She was already on a path to a good career as she worked as a business analyst in the technology division of U.S. Bank while still at NKU. She completed a co-op course in conjunction with this position for college credit that gave her an opportunity to reflect on sociological aspects of her job and work environment. Among other things, Tooba reflected in her weekly co-op journal on how the race, gender, age and other diversities within her department create a vibrant work environment.  She sees herself as part of corporate culture that values and embraces the differences employees bring to the workplaces. Tee maintains that this respect for diversity helps corporations like U.S. Bank thrive in a competitive economy.

Tee believes that developing a sociological perspective is important to her success in her job. As a business analyst she is the bridge between technology and bank employees who use software systems to do their jobs and to meet customer’s financial needs.  Sociology offers analytical tools for thinking about the human elements and anticipating employee and customer reactions (expected and unexpected) to new and existing software systems. 


Upon receiving her Bachelors in Sociology from Northern Kentucky University in May 2013, Chrysalis (Chryssy) Payne began interning at the Kroger’s Springdale Ice Cream and Beverage Manufacturing plant (June 2013-May 2014). As the Human Resources intern she was responsible for the hiring of hourly plant workers. She also completed projects such as compiling the Job Quality Analysis (first of its kind in the company) and creating a plant safety security plan.

Chrysalis decided to transition to the Retail division of the company. She recently completed the MD1 (Management Development 1) Training program in October of 2014 and is now a co-manager of a Kroger store.

Among other things Chrysalis

  • assists in leading teams in planning, implementing and executing merchandising and operating initiatives.
  • works with department heads and associates to identify opportunities in the store, develop timely solutions and create action plans.
  • assists the store manager in developing budgets and setting  goals with store associates.
  • serves as liaison providing feedback to Store Manager, District Manager and Coordinators on the effectiveness of division merchandising and operational plans/programs.

She is currently enrolled in the Masters Program at the University of Cincinnati with an expected graduation date of April 2015.