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Human Resources Career Track Alumni

Laura Veety

Laura Veety graduated with a B.S. in Sociology and areas of concentration in Professional Writing and Communication studies in May 2013.

Laura graduated from Amelia High School in 2009 with interests in theater and performance. In high school she was a cheerleader and in her senior year of high school she played a leading role in the musical The Wedding Singer. She enrolled at NKU as a theater major but switched to sociology after taking an introductory race and gender class.  Laura loved everything about that class and remembers sharing something she learned each day with friends and family.

Laura participated in NKU Leadership University, where students who complete at least eight 45-minute long sessions (of 35 to choose from) and perform at least 3 hours of community service, earn a certificate of achievement. Laura plans to continue her involvement with the leadership program. Laura was also a member of NKU gymnastics club until it was disbanded in November 2011.

In January 2012 Laura began looking for internship opportunities.  In searching for internships she noticed that many of the announcements made no mention of sociology as a degree of interest.  But Laura decided to submit her resume anyway because she realized she possessed the asked for skills.  In total, four companies offered her a position.  In April 2012 she accepted an internship from Miller Valentine Group, a general contractor for commercial real estate, to work in its Department of Human Resources. In August 2012, Kroger contacted her for an interview and she was hired as a Human Resources Intern, working as a Recruiter for their Career Training Program. In all interviews Laura was asked why she majored in sociology. She explained that sociology is a discipline that cultivates an appreciation for diversity and that emphasizes the ways in which the social structure of organizations can empower or alienate employees. It is also a discipline that places importance on understanding the demographics of a workplace and of the larger population from which a workforce is drawn. Laura pointed out that this focus is especially important for someone working in the area of human resources. In reflecting on the interview process Laura believes that this answer was an important key to her success.

For relaxation, Laura enjoys hanging out with friends, swimming, biking, horseback riding, sewing, hiking, and doing anything that gets her adrenaline racing.