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Human Services Career Track Alumni

Whitney Jackson

Whitney Jackson is a sociology major with a concentration in social work.  She has an A.A. degree from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  After deep thought and thorough research, Whitney decided to transfer to NKU to earn a bachelor’s degree and live life as a Norse. Whitney’s interest in sociology began at Cincinnati States where she had the opportunity to take three sociology courses.  She is attracted to sociology because it allows her to learn about the social dynamics underlying social movements and exposes her to the ideas of significant theorists. 

Whitney is a member of the sociology club and she volunteers for the NKU minority-mentoring program known as R.O.C.K.S (Responsibility, Opportunity, Community, Knowledge, and Success). While at NKU Whitney has done extensive research on recidivism among African American males. She has presented findings from that research at the Posters at the Capitol conference  (Frankfort, Kentucky) and at the NKU’s Celebration of Student Research and Creativity conference. In Spring 2012 Whitney studied abroad in South Africa on an Honors International Teaching Fellowship. 

Whitney plans to apply to the Ohio State University’s graduate dual degree program studying sociology and a Master in the Study if Law (M.S.L.).  After obtaining her graduate’s degree, she plans to do extensive research in the field of social movements of the African continent.  Eventually Whitney hopes to work for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to addressing social issues and poverty around the world but specifically in South Africa.  

Lauren South

Lauren South graduated in Fall 2013 with a B.S. in Sociology and a concentration in History.

Lauren graduated from Edgewood High School in Trenton, Ohio. In high school she enjoyed being a part of the volleyball team and volunteering for community cleanup projects. Lauren’s interest in sociology started in high school after she took an introduction course from a teacher that gave her a passion for social issues.

An education in sociology has prepared Lauren for a career in the not-for-profit sector. She has taken several courses in sociology that focus on gender issues and how economic, political and other structures shape the life chances of men, women and the transgendered. Lauren would like to work for an organization that offers support services to, and advocates for, young women who are disadvantaged. One such place is the Harvest House in Dayton, OH. This organization provides a home for women ages 13 to 24 who find themselves in difficult situations. Harvest House offers resources, life skills, and hope.  

Lauren has worked in several customer service positions including cashier and sales rep at a garden center and a local hardware store. She believes that this experience has helped her to build a work ethic as well as interpersonal, communication and multitasking skills that will carry over into her chosen profession.  

Lauren enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, canoeing and walking her dog. She regularly attends local music concerts and festivals in Dayton and Cincinnati. Lauren also enjoys politics and, has worked for the Obama campaign. She attends political events and has heard Ralph Nader and President Obama speak at rallies in Ohio. In her spare time she enjoys being with friends and family who have supported and empowered her to be the first in her family to graduate from college.

Brittany Keller

Brittany Keller graduated with a major in Sociology and a concentration in Criminal Justice. 

After graduating from Boone County High School she spent her first semester of college at Lee University in Tennessee before deciding to attend NKU.

In July 2010, Brittany went on a life-changing trip to Nicaragua.  It was there that she realized how interested she was in learning about different cultures and people.  While on that trip she traveled to several different towns and cities and got to know the people by playing games with them. Brittany also assisted with daily chores and with distributing donations of food, water, candy, games, and clothes. In the process Brittany learned the different traditions, values, and difficulties of the people of Nicaragua.  Shortly after returning to the United States she took an intro to sociology course and became attracted to sociology’s emphasis on culture and the social forces that shape people’s lives and life chances. It was then that Brittany decided to declare a major in sociology.

Ultimately Brittany wants to work with low-income families offering support services that will increase opportunities for social mobility. She thinks that sociology has given her an advantage in meeting her career goals because it offers valuable analytical and problem-solving tools for locating prospective clients in a broader social, economic and political context and for devising collaborative strategies that will bring positive change to clients’ lives.

For relaxation, Brittany enjoys hanging out with friends and family, reading, cycling, hiking, and running. She has also traveled to Amsterdam and Paris with her fiancé. The trip offered an interesting contrast to the Nicaragua trip and helped her to see that inequality and poverty cannot simply be explained by pointing to a person’s lack of effort.