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Famous Sociologists

There are thousands of accomplished people who are not necessarily Sociologists with a capital “S” but who have earned BA, MA, or PhD degrees in Sociology.  Below is a list of just a few.


  • Wellington Webb, mayor of Denver
  • Annette Strauss, former mayor of Dallas
  • Rev. Martin Luther King
  • Roy Wilkins, former head of NAACP
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Shirley Chisholm, former Congresswoman from NY
  • Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from LA
  • Barbara Mikulski, US Senator from Maryland
  • Tim Holden, Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington, DC
  • Saul Alinsky, father of community organizing
  • Ronald Reagan (double major in sociology and economics)
  • Emily Balch, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize winner (a social worker and social reformer)
  • Francis Perkins, social reformer and former Secretary of Labor
  • Suzanne Malveaux, Famous CNN Whitehouse Correspondent
  • Richard Barajas, Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court
  • Michelle Obama, lawyer, wife of President Barack Obama


  • Saul Bellow, novelist
  • Regis Philbin, TV host
  • Dan Aykroyd, actor/Blues Brother
  • Robin Williams, actor/comedian
  • Paul Shaffer, band leader on David Letterman Show
  • Dinah Shore, singer
  • Ruth Westheimer, the sex doctor
  • James Blunt, singer/songwriter
  • Pete Seeger, singer/songwriter


  • Alonzo Mourning, Miami Heat
  • Bryant Smith, Boston Celtics
  • Brian Jordan, Atlanta Braves
  • Joe Theisman, NFL quarterback
  • Eric Bjornson, Dallas Cowboys
  • Bobby Taylor, Eagles cornerback
  • Ahmad Rashad, Sportscaster
  • Terence Newman, Dallas Cowboys (Formerly at K-State)
  • Roderick (Rock) Cartwright, Washington Redskins (Formerly at K-State)