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Culture, Society & Health Minor

The Culture, Society, and Health Minor is a minor hosted by the Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy Department at NKU and consists of 24 semester hours and requires the completion of the course requirements listed below.

Major, minor, and general education requirements are determined by the University Catalog for the year that a student first enrolls as a degree seeking student. It is possible change catalog years, but students must notify the registrar and will be bound by the new catalog year for all other requirements (graduation, general education, other majors and minors).

Culture, Society & Health Minor Requirements

The links below provide direct links to minor requirements as well as course descriptions in the NKU Undergraduate Catalog:

Culture, Society & Health Minor Checklists

For more information, please contact our current faculty advisors.

The Culture, Society and Health Minor offers students the conceptual and applied tools to understand the social and cultural contexts in which systems of health care, illness, and healing are embedded as well as to see health care, illness and healing as socio-cultural constructs.  This minor introduces students to methods of anthropological and sociological research that allows them to ask questions, to manage and analyze databases, to do health care-related research, to identify best practices, and to write grants.  Finally this minor will enhance students’ abilities to serve and understand health care needs of socially and culturally diverse patient populations and to appreciate the contributions of all levels of health care providers and support staff collaborating to achieve successful patient and organizational outcomes.

For more information, please contact our current faculty advisors.