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Sociology Major

Major, minor, and general education requirements are determined by the University Catalog for the year that a student first enrolls as a degree seeking student. It is possible change catalog years, but students must notify the registrar and will be bound by the new catalog year for all other requirements (graduation, general education, other majors and minors).

Sociology Major Requirements

The links below provide direct links to general edication and major requirements as well as four-year plans and course descriptions in the NKU Undergraduate Catalog:

Sociology Major Checklists

For more information, please contact our current faculty advisors.

All students majoring in sociology are required to prepare a portfolio of their written work for SOC 494 Senior Seminar. The portfolio's table of contents will specify the title of each entry and the course for which the assignment was written.

The portfolio must also include a letter discussing its contents. The contents must include five assignments that, when taken together, demonstrate that the student has:

  • Understood the classical theoretical perspectives in sociology
  • Analyzed an issue with a sociological framework (theory, concept, and/or perspective)
  • Articulated a meaningful research question, specified a design, and collected relevant data to answer that question
  • Explored an issue related to socio-cultural diversity
  • Understood conceptually the statistical analysis of sociological data.