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The Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project started at Northern Kentucky University in 1999 as a way to teach students more about nonprofits and philanthropy, with the belief that hands-on learning in these fields would produce NKU graduates who are more likely to remain life-long community stewards. 

A sample of former Mayerson Projects:

  • GER 304 - German Composition and Conversation  Impact Fundraiser: 
  • GER 480 - Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind auf Deutsch  Impact Fundraiser:    - German Immigration 
  • GER/SPI 481 - Holocaust: Repression, Resistance, and Reflections 
(Note: 16 classes, 5 under $50, and 5 OER. This means 62.5% of our GER classes are either under $50/OER. 31.25% of our classes are under $50 and another 31.25% for OER.If we exclude the first and second year, we have 12 classes. This then means 83% are either under $50/OER. 41.5% for each.)