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NKU Graduates smiling

Learning another language transforms you as a person and provides you with important skills that you can apply in your career after you graduate. There are many valuable career competencies that you gain through the study of another language. These include:

  • The most obvious: you have improved communication skills in your language of study in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, writing, as well as cross-cultural communication skills.
  • You gain critical thinking skills through the study and analysis of language structures, as well as exposure to other ways of thinking and viewing the world through your interactions with people from other cultures.
  • You have increased confidence and flexibility to effectively interact and empathize with people from diverse backgrounds and to adjust to new environments and cultures.
  • You are more self-aware and a better problem solver because of your interactions with other cultures and knowledge of other countries’ histories, literatures, music, art and folklore.

Our Graduates have gone on to careers in:

  • Logistics at Penske and Total Quality Logistics (TQL)
  • CDK Global in Cincinnati
  • Bilingual service reps in insurance companies
  • Founding a non-profit (Norse-to-Nations)
  • Public and private schools
  • Graduate school—University of Cincinnati, Miami, Indiana University, University of Birmingham in Great Britain, Universite of Caen in France to further their studies of the language, law school, international relations, development and sustainability
  • Teaching English abroad in France, Spain, Mexico & Japan
  • Peace Corp
  • U.S. Military
  • Multilingual sales executive
  • International Inside Sales Representative
  • Payroll administrator
  • Medical interpreter