Japanese Language and Culture Minor Tokyo Station

Japanese Language and Culture Minor

The minor in Japanese Language and Culture consists of 21 hours distributed as follows:

Language Study (6 hours)

  • JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
  • JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II

Additional study in Japanese (Choose 3 of the following for 9 hours)

  • JPN 304 Japanese Composition and Conversation
  • JPN 307 Introduction to Japanese Translation
  • JPN 311 Japanese Cultural History
  • JPN 325 Japanese Myth and Folklore
  • JPN 340 Business Japanese
  • JPN 380 Topics in Advanced Japanese (may be repeated once for Additional Study if topic varies)
  • JPN 401 Japanese Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • JPN 402 Advanced Japanese Grammar and Syntax
Statue of Oda Nobunaga in Gifu Statue of Oda Nobunaga in Gifu

Electives (Choose 2 of the following or any course listed above not already taken, for 6 hours)

  • ANT 385 Peoples of East and Southeast Asia
  • ARTH 304 Survey of Asian Art
  • ARTH 359 Arts and Crafts of Japan
  • GEO 410 Geography of Asia
  • GEO 540 Cultural Geography of Asia
  • HIS 338 History of Japan
  • JPN 350 Methods of Teaching Japanese
  • MUS 106 Music of World Cultures
  • POP 345 Japanese Popular Culture
  • PHI 312 Eastern Philosophy
  • PSC 388 Politics of Asia
  • REL 350 World Religions and Ethics
  • WLL 294 Topics in Language for the Professions (Japanese topic)
  • WLL 396 World Languages Internship

Nota bene: The program outlined above is in effect as of the fall 2013 catalog.  Students who are already in the Japanese Studies minor should use the checklist on the right labeled "2012 and earlier" and should present their program certification forms to the chair of World Languages and Literatures when they are preparing to graduate.