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Language Resources


Dictionaries and other print resources.  When classes are in session, the dictionaries and other print resources formerly housed there are available in MEP 473 during normal business hours, provided that the room has not been reserved for one of the conversation hours or other departmental purposes.

Computer labs.  The department shares a computer lab located in MEP 338 with other departments in the building.  There are computers in the main room as well as in the side rooms of the lab.  All the computers have have proofing tools in multiple languages and are available to students during open lab hours, which are usually 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. M-F.  Check the schedules and additional signage posted outside the labs to be sure the room is not reserved for a class.  MEP 306 is also open when classes are not schedules in it (once again, check the posted schedule), and has language proofing tools.

Audio materials for specific courses are available on-line by asking an instructor to provide a user name and password to access

Useful language links:

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