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Organizational Unit (Defined) An organizational unit is an eight-digit number that represents the hierarchical organizational structure with regards to HR and Payroll in the SAP system. For example, these eight-digit numbers can represent a department within a college, a college, or a division within the university. The hierarchical organizational structure is established based upon relationshipsbetween org units. An example of this structure would be:

  •  Org Unit 11000004 - Academic Affairs (relationship = "reports to" 11000001 - President)
  •  Org Unit 11000051 - College of Informatics (reports to 11000004 - Academic Affairs)
  •  Org Unit 11000054 - Business Informatics (reports to 11000051 - COI)

The org structure is further defined by relating positions to org units, org units to cost centers, and other relationships which identify the chief of the org unit, supervisory relationships between positions, subordinate relationships between org units, and so forth. These relationships can potentially impact reporting, work flow, security access, and other processes. Therefore, it is critical that org units and their attributes be accurately maintained in SAP.

Procedures for maintaining, creating, or requesting changes to SAP HR/OM are provided on our website for the campus community. It is important to note that only org units are addressed in the following procedures. Changes to positions, position assignment to org units, or relationships between positions must be requested through the Office of Human Resources. Changes to cost centers are initiated through the Budget Office, but are processed by the Comptroller’s Office.