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  • Changes to the university structure within the Organization Management system of SAP cannot occur until Presidential or Board of Regent (BOR) approval is obtained (which is dependent upon the changes proposed).
  • All major units of the University shall be established, altered, or abolished only on vote of the BOR. Colleges (educational units led by an administrative officer that reports directly to the President and Affiliated Foundations) are considered major units of the University. Changes to these units are required to be presented to the BOR as recommended actions, along with a rationale for the proposed changes.
  • All other changes to educational and administrative units within the University may be authorized by the President and must be presented to the BOR at their next regularly scheduled meeting following the President’s authorization.
  • Depending on the scope of a proposed reorganization, planning for a reorganization, may need to start up to six months in advance of the expected Presidential or BOR approval date in order to expedite the required changes.
  • If necessary, a reorganization meeting will be scheduled by the Budget Office on behalf of a unit requesting reorganization soon as a pending reorganization is made known. Depending on the scope of a proposed reorganization, representatives from the Budget Office (SAP-OM), Human Resources (SAP-HR), Comptroller’s Office (SAP-FI) and Campus Management (SAP-CM) will be available to explain procedures for their respective areas, as well as answer any questions the unit may have.
  • Units will work directly with the designated contact from each area noted above to the respective procedures of these areas.