Change/Create an Org Unit

Process for submitting Org Unit Maintenance Request form:

1. Board of Regents and/or Presidential approval is required (contingent upon the type of request) before any requests can be processed.

2. Complete only the sections of the Request form that are required for the needed change.

3. Please submit a separate form for each org unit being changed.

4. If the requested change(s) results from reorganization, please submit all Request forms required in one package along with an overview of the approved reorganization.

5. Complete the initiator contact information section to ensure that follow up is directed to the proper person.

6. Forward the printed copy of the form (front and back) to the org unit head and the VP or VP designee for approval.

7. Submit completed Request form to the Budget Office (AC501).

8. If your request involves a change to or an addition of a cost center you will need to submit a cost center request via SAP-MyNKU/FI Requests.  

9. Contact Rieselman at ext. 7712 or for additional assistance