Automatic Carry Forward Policy

The Automatic Carry Forward Policy will be applied to account balances (both negative and positive) remaining after the year-end closing process is complete.

All unrestricted budget units are eligible except for those units listed on the following "Units Exempt from Automatic Carry Forward" list.

The Automatic Carry Forward Policy will be applied based upon the following provisions:

  • Outstanding encumbrances for goods or services not received by June 30th, will be liquidated, re-coded, and charged automatically to the new year budget.
  • The balance subject to carry forward is limited to the unencumbered balance remaining after all encumbrances have been liquidated.
  • The unencumbered balance of the operating/capital pool will be carried forward automatically.
  • The allowable balance will be carried forward only into the account which generates the balance.

The head of a major area may request a reallocation of such carry forward balances during the year.

All credit balances should be resolved by June 30th. If there are remaining credit balances after the year-end process is complete, they will be carried forward in total in the account that generated the credit balance. Unit administrator must provide in writing the plan to fund credit balances carried forward and what steps have been taken to prevent credit balances.

Special Carry Forward Requests

Any unit not covered by the Automatic Carry Forward Policy may submit a Special Carry Forward Request through the respective vice president. 

Units Exempt From Automatic Carry Forward

Any carry forward of funds for the units listed below must be requested as a Special Carry Forward and approved by the President:

  • All Units without an Original Budget
  • Faculty Research Grants
  • All Scholarship and Tuition Waiver Units
  • All Mandatory Transfer Units
  • All Non-mandatory Transfer Units


210040020 Central Stores-Furniture
232005012 Telecommunications Service
293010001 Central Control-Instruction
293045001 Central Control-Academic
293050001 Central Control-Student Support
293060001 Central Allocation Reserve
293060010 Legal Service Institutional Expense
293060030 Staff Benefits
293060040 General Institutional Expense
293060070 General Insurance
293070001 Central Control O&M
293070010 Utilities
295010010 Debt Service-Principal & Interest
295010015 Debt Service-Parking Garage
295010025 Debt Service-Parking Deck
295045003 Student Union Building
295045009 Land Acquisition FY 00-02