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Woodcrest Sycamore

Building Number: 0374
Building Code: SY
Assignable Square Feet: 15,519
Gross Square Feet: 22,586
Construction Year: 1995
Original Cost: $1,533,470
Replacement Value: $5,196,000
Ground Breaking Date: June 20, 1991
Dedication Date: October 13, 1992
Occupancy Date: August 15, 1992

Woodcrest Apartments includes three buildings: Sycamore, Oak, and Willow. Woodcrest was constructed as part of the project that also includes Norse Hall and Norse Commons. Sycamore consists of 23 double occupancy one bedroom apartments, 4 single occupancy three bedroom apartments, and about 10 efficiency apartments, for a total occupancy of about 68 students.  The multi-bedroom units include bedrooms; living, dining and kitchen areas; and, compartmented bathrooms, all designed to provide maximum privacy for each student. Woodcrest Apartments is located at the western edge of the residential area.

Woodcrest is part of the Leon E. Boothe Residential Village which was dedicated in honor of Dr. Leon E. Boothe.  From 1983 to 1996, Dr. Boothe served as the university's third president.

Project Team: Pulliam Investment (Developer) Miller/Player & Associates (Architect/Engineer) RPR & Associates (General Contractor)