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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our policies and procedures have changed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please review the policies below. Updates and points of emphasis are in bold.


Please note that failure to follow these policies is a breach of your membership agreement and/or the Student Code of Conduct. Failure to follow could result in a suspension or loss of access privileges. 



  • The following areas are CLOSED for open recreation:
    • All Court Spaces (basketball courts, MAC Gym, Racquetball Courts)
    • Cardio Hallway
    • Sauna
    • Power Box
    • Lounge and seating areas
    • Studios
    • Bouldering Wall
  • Showers
    • Will only be available in the Family/Inclusive Locker Rooms and Aquatics Locker Rooms M-F 6:30-10:00am
    • Please allow staff to clean showers between uses
  • Bathrooms
    • Please allow staff to clean bathrooms between uses
  • Masks/Facial Coverings
    • Masks or Facial Coverings are REQUIRED at all times while in the facility and can ensure that they maintain six feet of distancing from others
    • Masks are not required while swimming. Masks should be worn before entering and after exiting the water 
    • Information on applying for an exemption to this policy can be found here
  • Working out in groups is discouraged. Please ensure six feet of distancing
  • "Working in" when another patron is utilizing equipment is discouraged
  • Spotters should wear a mask as they are not actively working out
  • Patrons should sanitize equipment before and after use
  • Water fountains will be shut off. Water bottle fill stations will remain operational
  • Vending machines have been disabled
  • Patrons are discouraged from holding social gatherings in groups outside of their workouts. Lounge areas have been eliminated
  • Credit transactions are encouraged for all purchases
  • Please observe floor markings to maintain social distancing
  • Doors will not unlock until facility opening times. Please maintain distancing while waiting outside
  • Towel service has been discontinued. Please bring your own sweat/shower towel. Wipes will be provided for cleaning equipment
  • Lost and found items will not be retained. Items left in the building will be discarded at the end of the day.