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Guest Policy

Guests can enter the facility at the rate of $7.00 each per day with the following restrictions:

1.       They enter with the sponsorship of an active student, faculty/staff person, or member.

          - Students, staff/faculty, and members may not sponsor a guest that they do not personally know.

2.       They have a valid State Identification Card that shows they are at least age 18+. 

            *If the guest is under the age of 18, their sponsor must be at least age 18 in order for them to enter.  Minors are permitted into the Campus Recreation Center as long as they are under direct Adult Supervision of that sponsor the during the entirety of their visit.

                -Adult Supervision: Accompanying adult should be in same activity area as the child.

                - View our Age Requirements for Minors if you have any questions.

5.       Each sponsor is allowed to bring up to two guests per day.

6.       Guests must have a guest profile with a picture included in our database, which will be processed by Campus Recreation staff.

7.       Guests will receive a receipt that they may use as admission to the facility anytime during hours of operation that day.

8.       Sponsors are directly responsible for their guest's actions in the facility.

9.       Sponsors and guests must sign-in. By signing in, the sponsor and guest agree to waiver of liability and to abide by all Campus Recreation Center policies.