Do you have positions that require a bachelor's degree and relate to an NKU major (full- or part-time)? Are you seeking graduating seniors (and graduate students) for full-time positions? For a list of NKU majors, click here: NKU Majors.

  • Log in to HireNKU.  If you have ever posted a position with us (or recruited at NKU), you may already have a HireNKU account, which is likely linked to your company/organization email address.
    • If you might have a HireNKU account, enter your email address and click "Find My Account" to check whether you have an account.  This will automatically send a new password to your email address.
    • If you have never posted with NKU, follow the First Time User link to Create an Account (under the login boxes).
    • Note: Each recruiter/representative within the company needs to have his/her own account, so you will need to register using your unique business e-mail address.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see the Employer Dashboard.  Use the left menu (or “hamburger” drop-down menu on a phone/tablet) to navigate the system’s functions such as Job Postings, Interviews, etc.  Limited access is granted by default so contact Career Services if you wish to be granted additional access. 
  • Note: New accounts begin as Pending and will be reviewed by Career Services staff.  If any questions arise, we will contact you by email.

Post a full-time position for alumni/graduating seniors:

  • The employer dashboard highlights your active and expired job postings.
  • There is also a button to “Add New Job Posting” directly from the Dashboard.
  • You can easily copy a past job, update the dates/details, and post it again.

Spread the word about your opportunities

Once your positions are posted in HireNKU, there are additional ways to advertise your positions and let qualified students know that you're hiring.

1. Search for students using HireNKU (access to this is limited).  You can search by majors, key words, student involvement, leadership experiences, skills, and more!  Once you find qualified students, you can view their resumes or send a mass email.
It takes 6-8 weeks for new graduates to be marked "Alumni" in HireNKU. If a student graduates in May, they may still appear as a "senior" until June 30 (or after). To find people who have recently graduated, it is best to contact all seniors.

2. Identify related student organizations (examples: Women in Informatics, Sports Business Club, Early Childhood Education Club, Psi Chi & Psychology Club, etc.)  Contact the student group directly to discuss possible ways to connect, such as bringing a guest speaker, a case study, or providing sponsorship.  Use NKU's MyEngage site to find organizations.  

3. Attend career fairs in the semester before your new hires will start (attend Career Expo in February to recruit May grads).  Career fairs are the best way to build brand presence on campus and generate interest in your organization.

4. Partner with our colleagues across campus to help generate interest in your positions and to build brand presence on campus. 

  • Haile/US Bank College of Business
    Eileen Weisenbach Keller, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students, Center for Student Excellence
  • College of Informatics
    Juliane Stockman, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement, Center for Applied Informatics
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Education and Human Services
  • College of Health Professions