Your NKU userid and password will be necessary to access the idea submission form. The ideas submitted via this form will be forwarded to the appropriate vice president(s) for further consideration. If additional information is needed, we may follow up with you. 

Why are we seeking revenue generation and cost saving ideas?

As Interim President St. Amand stated in his January 2018 budget guidance communication to the university, Northern Kentucky University is currently facing a challenging budget situation.

In addressing this situation, all measures to generate revenues and save costs must be considered. Many of the strategies suggested in President St. Amand’s message were offered by the campus community through input during annual budget development discussions over the past few years.

We are again seeking your creative solutions for both revenue generation and cost savings. The form above provides an easy way for you to submit them.

What kinds of ideas should be submitted?

Below are two resources to help stimulate your thinking:

Before submitting your ideas, please review the lists below of ideas currently in process or under consideration at NKU, many of which were previously submitted in open budget forums or other venues. If you have any specific ideas regarding ways of implementing any of the suggestions below, please submit those as well as new ideas. 

If you have any questions about the cost saving/revenue generation idea submission process, please contact Chief Financial Officer Mike Hales at