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Academic Partnerships

NKU is working with Academic Partnerships (AP) to expand our online presence.  AP is a company that provides marketing, recruiting and retention resources to assist universities in expanding their offerings online. You can visit the AP website to learn more. 

CITE and AP are working together in course development. This page contains links to AP resources, an overview of the AP development process, and information about the stipend you can receive for developing an online course.

Course Development Stipends

NKU offers a stipend for developing a course that meets certain standards of pedagogy and accessibility. We encourage you to consider applying for a stipend contract if you are developing an AP course.

The funding model for AP course developments is currently in the process of changing, so the specifics may vary some from program to program. You can learn more about the stipend process on our Course Developments page.

AP Resources

Here are some resources related to AP and course development.