There are many different ways to move your course content from Blackboard to Canvas.  Your entire course can be imported into Canvas, or you could move some areas and take the opportunity to recreate other areas.
Exporting your Course from Blackboard
This short video will show you how to export a course from Blackboard.  This video also covers the few things you are going to have to manually export from Blackboard to Canvas.    (Created by Jessica Gake)
Migration from Blackboard to Canvas Training
This comprehensive video covers the main differences between Canvas and Blackboard, how your Blackboard content imports into Canvas, how to migrate your course, and migration cleanup.    (Created by Jessica Gake)
Recreate your Course, Import your Course or Both?

Since course navigation is different in Canvas, if you import your entire course from Blackboard into Canvas, you will need to cleanup some areas and may need to recreate other areas.

Which content imports well?

You may choose to copy and edit some content. These areas include:

  • Quizzes and most question types
  • Quizzes and test banks from publishers
  • Assignments (SafeAssignments will need to be changed to Turnitin assignments)
  • Discussion board forums
  • Announcements
  • Course files
  • Learning Modules

Which content imports but requires some cleanup?

  • Blackboard Content folders
  • Blackboard Items with text descriptions
  • Blackboard Audio and Video content items
  • Blackboard Tasks
  • Blackboard Glossary

Which content needs to be recreated?

The following content does not import into Canvas and will have to be recreated from scratch:

  • Groups and group tools
  • Faculty Information
  • Wikis, blogs, journals

Which content will have to be relinked?

Your content that resides in tools that integrate with Blackboard is still available for you to use, it just needs to be relinked to in Canvas.  These areas include:

  • Kaltura
  • Tegrity
  • Turnitin
  • Publisher Tools

What to Expect

Content is often organized within folders in Blackboard, but Canvas does not have folders.  Instead, Canvas uses modules to organize content.  Think of modules as the table of contents for your course.  Students can navigate through a module by clicking the “next” or “back” buttons at the bottom of the page.  Folders in Blackboard usually appear as modules or text headers in modules in Canvas and may require some cleanup.
Tests, Surveys and Pools
Tests, surveys and pools migrate as Quizzes.  Pools become question banks.  Some quizzes may appear as 0 points possible until you click “edit” and Canvas will recalculate the points possible for each question.
Blogs, Wikis, and Journals
Canvas does not have Blogs, Wikis, and Journal tools, so these items will not be migrated from your Blackboard course and will have to be recreated in Canvas.  Instructors often find that Discussion Boards in Canvas can be used in a similar manner as blogs and journals.  Feel free to contact Cite to learn more.
Blackboard Course Links
Links in a Blackboard course that link to another location in that course will not migrate into Canvas.  A quick way to check for broken links in Canvas is to use go to Settings and click “Validate Links in Content.”
In Blackboard, there are usually two components of an assignment; the link to the assignment and the assignment.  In Canvas, the link to the assignment usually appears in a module and the assignment appears in Assignments (left navigation bar).
Items in Blackboard (ie. a list of learning objectives) migrate as Pages.  Click “Pages” (in the left navigation bar) and then click “View All Pages” to find items in Canvas.  You may want to combine multiple shorter pages into a one single page.
If you have used the course copy tool in Blackboard numerous times for a course, multiple folders will appear in Canvas.  If you are going to recreate content in Canvas, you may want to copy individual files (ie. pdf’s, word documents, images) into Canvas.  Multiple files can be selected at once and copied into Files in Canvas.
Extra Grade Center Columns
Canvas associates all grade columns with an assignment, so columns in Blackboard’s Grade Center that were not associated with a assignment will not migrate into Canvas Grade Center.  You will have to recreate these columns in the Assignments page and select “no submission” as the submission option.
Get More Information in Canvas 101
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Canvas 101 will give you everything you need to know about Canvas to begin building in the new LMS, including a module about migrating from Blackboard to Canvas. 

Any faculty or staff can self-enroll into the course, so go to the course to self-enroll.