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On this page, you will find tips and suggestions from instructors CITE helps and tips from our staff.

If you are exploring an area of Canvas that is new to you, then be sure to check here first to learn suggestions about what you are exploring before you do it.  Some of these may be tips for improving a simple task, or suggestions from experienced users at NKU for what to keep in mind as you are implementing an idea.

Respondus Lockdown Browser: Visit the Dashboard at the Beginning of the Course

If you are using the Respondus Lockdown Browser for a quiz you have copied from another course or after a course copy, you will need to access the Respondus Lockdown Browser dashboard at least once before a student attempts to take the quiz.  This step re-synchronizes the course with Respondus Lockdown Browser.  If this is not done, the lockdown browser will not be required.

(Contributed by Jeff Chesnut)

Setting Up MyOpenMath (iMath) in Canvas
Screenshot of Add App box for My Open Math


Follow these instructions for adding MyOpenMath to your course as an assignment using the external tool option in Canvas:

  1. In your Canvas course, click Settings.  Select the Apps tab.
  2. On the Apps tab, click the View App Configurations button. On the External Apps page, click the +App button.
  3. In the Configuration Type field, select By URL.
  4. In the Name field, type "MyOpenMath".
  5. In the Consumer Key field, type “LTIkey 288 1”.
  6. In the Shared Secret field, type the shared secret code for your iMath course.
  7. In the Config URL field, type “https://imath.nku.edu/canvas.php”
  8. Click Submit.

Watch this video to view the setup process:

(Contributed by Jeff Chesnut)