**Midterm & Final grades can still be entered directly in myNKU using the same procedure as normal.

First, you will need to make sure your Canvas Grades area is set up correctly in order to copy grades from Canvas to myNKU.

Instructions to prepare your Canvas course

1. In the course menu, navigate to Settings > Course Details > Grading Scheme > Enable course grading scheme (check) > View grading scheme.

2. Click “view grading scheme” or “set grading scheme.” Select an existing grading scheme or create a new grading scheme. If the instructor chooses, a pre-build scheme “NKU Letter” is available in all courses, which implements a commonly used grading scale, click “find grading scheme” from that menu to see the NKU letter. The default Canvas grade scheme is 94-100 = A and the NKU Letter is 93 – 100 = A.

3. Click “Update Course Details”.

4. Be sure to enter zeros (0) for all missing assignments so the grades calculate correctly.

5. If you do not want a final grade to show in their course because students are supposed to get it through myNKU. After you complete the Canvas to SAP grade process you can go to Settings > Course Details > more options > Hide totals in student grades summary then click Update Course Details.

After preparing the Canvas course follow these steps to use Canvas to SAP grading.

1.  Log into Canvas and navigate to the course which grades should be transferred from.

2.  In the course menu, navigate to Settings > Navigation > Canvas SAP Grade > Enable > Save.

3.  Click “Canvas SAP Grade” from the course menu. A new browser tab opens to the MyNKU grading application for the course. In the event the browser blocks the new tab, a hyperlink is displayed to the user.

4.  In most cases, the instructor should be automatically logged into MyNKU using single sign on, at which point they can complete the grading process.

Grading process in myNKU

***(in all the screen shots below Bb is now replaced with Canvas but the process is the same)

1. Then "myNKU: Mid-Term Grading or Final Grading" window appears with a column called Canvas Grade which is a copy of the grades from your Canvas Grades area.

Screenshot of MyNKU Grading screen
2. Verify that the grades are correct and then click the Copy Canvas Grades button to copy those grades into the Grade column.
Screenshot of MyNKU Grading Screen and grades column

At this point, you can change a grade in the Grade column that will be saved to myNKU but it will not change the grade in the Canvas Grade area.

3. When you are finished, click the Save button at the bottom of the myNKU window to save the grades to myNKU. A confirmation window will appear.

Screenshot of MyNKU Screen with Grades Saved

4. Click OK button to continue the save.

Important Notes and Tips:

After clicking “Copy Canvas Grades” button the grades will not copy for the following students:

  • If the student is auditing a course, midterm grades cannot be entered.
  • If the student’s record is locked, contact the University Office of the Registrar.
  • If the student’s record is marked complete, contact the University Office of the Registrar.

To copy grades from a Merged Canvas Course, you will see each section that you are teaching at the top of the myNKU: Mid-Term Grading window. Click on each section to display the students for that section and then click the "Copy Canvas Grades" button.

Screenshot of MyNKU Courses List

Possible error messages:

Mid-Term Grades is only for courses under 500 level.

Screenshot of Midterm Grades message in MyNKU
If the grading window is closed.
Screenshot of Grading Window is closed message in MyNKU
Course is locked in myNKU (Someone else has the course open).
Screenshot of This Course is Currently Locked Message in MyNKU