Home page for Course Template

An empty course can be intimidating, so CITE has created a course template to help you kickstart your work in Canvas. Inside the template you’ll find a basic skeleton of modules, instructions for creating content, and examples of types of assignments and content pages. It’s designed it to be lightweight so it’s easy to modify or delete areas you decide not to use.

To use the template with content you are importing into your course, import this template first, and then import only what you need. For more information about using Canvas, sign up for a workshop, use the Canvas page for instructors and enroll in the self-paced course Canvas 101.  Follow the instructions below to start using this course template.

Assignments page for Course Template

To import this course template into a new course:

  1. Download the template to your computer by clicking here.
  2. Uncompress the zip file you just downloaded.  In most operating systems, double-click on a zip file to uncompress it.  A file named “nku-course-template-export.imscc” is inside the zip file.
  3. Go into the Canvas course you where you wish to use the course template.  Click Settings in the left sidebar.
  4. Click Import Course Content.
  5. Under Content Type, select Canvas Course Export Package.
  6. Under Source, click Choose File and navigate to the location of “nku-course-template-export.imscc” to upload the file.
  7. Under Content, select All content.
  8. Click Import.
  9. Once import process is complete, click Home (in the left sidebar) to start using the course template.