Canvas already interacts with a variety of services and textbook integrations.  A quick way to check and see if Canvas interacts with a service you would like to use with Canvas is to:

1.  In a Canvas course, click Settings (in the left sidebar).

2.  Click the Navigation tab.

3.  If you see a service or textbook integration listed that is set to be visible to students or is set to not be visible to students, then the service already interacts with Canvas.  Scroll to the end of the page to view the entire list.

Screenshot of Canvas navigation tab


4.  Some services do not have the product name in the title, so please view some services you have questions about.

5.  If you make any changes to this page, click Save.

6.  To check and see if a service that is not on the Navigation tab interacts with Canvas, click the Apps tab.  For instructions for using the App Center, click here.

7.  If you try to add an App to Canvas and are asked for a Consumer Key or Shared Key, please contact CITE.