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Lecture Capturing and Screen Recording

You can create a screen recording or record a short lecture with Kaltura.  Login into Kaltura MediaSpace to learn more.

Video Hosting Service

Kaltura is a video hosting service that allows you to use password protected video streaming for use in courses in Canvas. With Kaltura, you can easily upload videos from your computer using Canvas. Videos uploaded to Kaltura can be automatically placed in a Course Gallery so all of your videos are conveniently located in one area for your students and any videos uploaded to Kaltura are saved, so you can reuse the same video in multiple courses.

Video Retention Procedure

Kaltura is not intended as a long term storage repository for videos and other media files. We will only retain videos and other media files which are viewed regularly. Each month, CITE employees will review our storage levels and determine if deletions need to take place to stay within our contractual storage and bandwidth limits. We will begin by deleting videos with 0 views which were first uploaded more than 1 year and half a semester ago. We will then move on to delete old videos with 1 view, 2 views, 3 views, and so on, until we are back within a comfortable margin of our limit. We will not delete any videos less than 1 year and half a semester old. Please contact CITE if you need help backing up Kaltura videos.

Instructional Articles and Videos