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Turnitin (turn it in) is an originality checker that integrates with Canvas. Turnitin allows instructors to automatically detect if portions of student work have been plagiarized. In addition to originality checking, the Turnitin suite of tools offers some grading tools. Turnitin features an in-line grading feature as well as an iPad app that allows instructors to grade student work on their device.
How Does it Work?

To use Turnitin with Canvas, see these instructions. Once you choose to use Turnitin, you will be greeted with a new set of options for setting up an assignment. Read more about these options here.

Instructors can access student work through the Grades page in Canvas. From here, instructors will be directed to student work where they can review the originality feedback, grade using the in-line grading tool, and leave individualized feedback.

Students: How is a Turnitin Assignment Different from another Assignment?

Here are instructions for submitting an assignment in Canvas.

Turnitin will automatically review your assignment after submission. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on usage of Turnitin during the time of submission. After the review is completed, you may be able to view a Turnitin report about your assignment.

What Gets Checked?
  • Student work will be checked against Turnitin’s “Web Crawler.”
  • Student work will be checked against other students’ work in the Turn It In database.
  • Student work will be checked against “millions of books/publications; over 40 billion web pages; and 300 million student papers.”

For more information on Turnitin’s Originality Checker, visit this page.

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