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Here is a check list for assistance in moving your in person class to an online format.

Faculty Checklist for Online Course Development

For more resources, see our resources tab for an alphabetical listing of tech tools at your disposal.

We know that every course has unique challenges that can make it hard to bring them online. If you would like any help with strategies to bring your class to Canvas, let us know by emailing CITE at or contact the instructional designers associated with your department. 


Course Set-up

NKU uses Canvas learning management system to host and build the online course components. Every course has a shell associated with it, and you will be able to log into Canvas using your NKU e-mail address and password. 

Here, you can begin to build your course components. 

We offer a self-enroll course on Canvas that you can use to learn the various aspects of Canvas, including how to set up your course, how to grade, and more. You can also use the links below for the Canvas guides for specific topics. 

LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor are offering live trainings every day for the month of March. Register here for one of their sessions. You can also use their Quick Start Guide for Canvas users


Recording Lectures

NKU uses Kaltura to record and host lectures in our online courses. This is best used if you do not need to interact with students in a live format. This is compatible with Canvas. 

To enable Kaltura within Canvas: 

  1. Choose Settings in the left-hand sidebar of your course shell
  2. Click on Navigation at the top of the Settings page (it's the third tab)
  3. Find Kaltura My Media in the second column and click on the three vertical dots
  4. Choose Enable
  5. Save at the bottom

You will now have it within your left-hand navigation. 

This will house all of the videos you create or are assigned as a collaborator. To create and edit your videos, you can go to this page and choose the dropdown for Add New.

For a complete course, you can self-enroll in this Canvas course.  This course also has written instructions included with the lessons that you can download and keep nearby for reference. 

For additional help using Kaltura, please see the list of resources below. 


Live Conferencing

If you would like to hold video conference sessions during your regular class times, you can do so using one of the following methods. 


Zoom is an online conferencing tool that can be used to meet with your students online. You can share your computer screen or use the white board functionality while speaking with your students in real time. 

To set up an official NKU account, go to this link and use the NKU single sign on

You can record your class meetings so those who can't make the live session due to limited Wifi or illness can still get the information. 

Learn how to set up meetings and invite your students, as well as how to include students for active participation through the following resources. 

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is a conferencing tool inside Canvas. It does many of the same functions as Zoom. Recordings are available for two weeks after the initial session. This can be found under the Conference tool, which can be enabled under Settings > Navigation. 


Additional Resources

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaboration tool that brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files.

Microsoft Teams App

Teams Chat FAQ

Video Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive provides place where you can store, share and sync your files. You can update and share your files from any device with OneDrive, and even work on Office documents with others at the same time.

OneDrive Introduction

Working in Microsoft OneDrive

Sharing Files in Microsoft OneDrive


Contact Information

For assistance in bringing your class to Canvas contact the instructional designers associated with your department.

College of Arts and Sciences:

    Criminal Justice: Nick Jones Email or Teams

    School of Arts: Ashley Seibert Email or Teams

College of Business:

College of Education

College of Health and Human Services:

College of Informatics: