With the traditional course merge tool going away at the end of the Spring 2019 semester Cross-Listing your course will be the new way to add students from one course to another.



Here is a guide to walk you through the process of Cross-Listing your course below or you can download the guide for reference here: Cross-Listing Guide

The process of Cross-Listing will put the course roster from
the course you are currently working on into another selected course.

Important Note: The course you cross-list will become inaccessible unless you
de-crosslist it. You also cannot de-crosslist courses once you have grades in
the course without deleting all of your students work.

1.    Go to the Settings area of your course, then click on Sections

2.    Click on the section (CITE-CL-001 in this example) that you would like to add to a separate course. Once you have confirmed it is correct click on Cross-List This Section in the upper right hand corner.

3.    From this screen you can seach for your course by name or ID, it should start to autofill as you type. Once it is chosen choose Cross-List this section.

4.    After it is selected you should be able to navigate to the selected course and see the results.