This is some academic technology and ideas our staff have recently been exploring.  It may be new to you or just provide a new viewpoint on technology you have used for years.  As always, contact us is you are interested in discussing a change to your courses.
Setup Onedrive for Mac
Follow the steps in this tutorial to setup OneDrive on your Mac. If you’ve used iCloud, then you are familiar with some of what OneDrive can do.  (- Nicholas Jones)
Watch this video for detailed steps for installing OneDrive on computers running Windows 7 and earlier. Note: If you are running Windows 8.1 or later, OneDrive should be built into your system already. (- Nicholas Jones)
Setup OneDrive on Windows 7 and Earlier
Using OneDrive
With Office365 NKU now has access to OneDrive. Watch this video for a brief overview of this cloud storage option. It also covers all the different ways you can access your documents, images, and other files once they are uploaded to OneDrive. (- Nicholas Jones)