Course Developments

The course development stipend is a way for NKU to compensate instructors for building online courses. Any instructor developing an online course is eligible to request a contract, whether its for an AP program or not.

What's in the Contract?

Requesting and signing a contract with CITE starts the whole process. The contract establishes these key points:

  • The stipend is awarded for meeting predetermined standards of pedagogy and accessibility as outlined in our development guidelines. 
  • Who will be paid, how much they will be paid, which course will be evaluated, and when that course goes live.
  • Whether or not it is an AP course.

Most importantly, the contract represents a commitment to a set of standards for accessibility and pedagogy to ensure a quality learning experience for all students. You can review the standards we use to review course developments below.

Getting Started

The first thing to do if you want a contract is to fill out our Contract Request form. Ideally, do this one term before you plan on the course being taught. It's much easier to discuss the contract standards at the beginning of the design process than at the end. Here's what the overall process looks like:

Step 1: Request a course development contract

Fill out the Contract Request form.

Step 2: Return the development contract

If approved, you will receive an agreement to sign. Return the signed agreement in 7 days to CITE.

Step 3: Work with an instructional designer

Its time to build the course! Your instructional designer will work with you to answer questions you may have and show you how to meet the standards in NKU's Development Guidelines.

Step 4: Course Reviews

Once you feel the course is ready, we will review it to certify it meets NKU Development Guidelines. Every course with a contract will go through three reviews—two from CITE and one from your department chair.

Step 5: Payment

A PAR is submitted to Payroll once all reviews are submitted and all requested changes are implemented.