Web Interviews

Interviews without the Hassle

Tele-interviewing can save the cost of travel and give your search committee flexibility. CITE can help out by preparing a room for your committee, being present to help with technical issues, and even working with your candidates to ensure that everyone is prepared and ready to go before the interview starts.

Setup An Interview Through CITE

Fill out the Tele-Interview Request form to get the process started. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Contact us at least one week in advance to let us know when the interviews are scheduled and how many committee members will be attending in person.
  2. Make sure you have all the email addresses for each of the interviewees. CITE will contact them ahead of time to perform test calls with their home audio/video setup.
  3. CITE will reserve conference room (SL 221). It is a conference room set up with a table that hold 14 comfortably with room along the walls for additional members. If SL 221 is unavailable you may need to reserve a smartroom in a separate building. If this is the case please inform us of the building and room number of the reservation ahead of time so we may test the room prior to the session.
  4. Upon request CITE can remain throughout the meeting to control the session and address any technical issues.
  5. If you requested the interviews be recorded, CITE will provide links to the interviews by email. The session recordings are typically deleted a month after the last recording, if the search is persisting longer than this (or you want to hold the recording indefinitely) let us know and we can discuss how to proceed.
  6. Technical issues can happen regardless of preparation. If during the session a piece of equipment fails Zoom has the ability to be called into via phone as backup.

Request a session with the Tele-Interview Request form.

Using Zoom

We use Zoom for our tele-interview sessions. You will need a full license from IT to use Zoom.

Submit an IT service request for Zoom.

We also offer one-on-one Zoom training. Email Travis Downing to learn how to use Zoom.