Listening Tours and Survey Results


Throughout this process, we have been involved in gathering feedback from faculty. In Spring 2015, we distributed a survey to faculty to gain insight on what is needed in a learning management system. We also hosted listening tours to gather in-person feedback.

Survey Results

There were 364 responses from the following colleges.

  • Arts & Sciences 49%
  • Business 12%
  • Education and Human Services 11%
  • Health Professions 10%
  • Informatics 13%
  • Law 1%
  • Other 5%

Please indicate which of the following Blackboard features you have used in your courses (Choose all that apply):

Announcements 96%
Assignments 95%
Blogs 22%
Discussion Boards 70%
Document Repository (including Syllabus and PowerPoints) 71%
Exams/Quizzes/Tests 78%
Gradebook 90%
Groups 44%
Journals 22%
SafeAssign 43%
Videos 62%
WIkis 19%
None of these features 0%

Rate your SATISFACTION with the effectiveness of Blackboard in support of each.

graph of lms survey results satisfaction

Indicate the IMPORTANCE you place on each activity as it relates to your successful delivery of a course.

graph of lms feedback results for importance

What is your overall satisfaction with using Blackboard for the courses that you have taught at NKU?

graph of lms feedback results overall satisfaction