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Reserve Space

The CITE area in Steely is reserved for faculty and staff to use. We have several types of spaces and tools available whether you want to meet other faculty, collaborate with a committee, or work with some of your students. All spaces are located in the SL 220 suite. Below are some examples of the spaces we offer.

Email to reserve a space.

Collaboration Lounge

Photo of Collaboration Room

A casual space to hold meetings, workshops, and conversations. Seats around 20 people. Includes several large whiteboards, couches,and chairs with built-in desks.

Conference Room - SL 221

Picture of SL 221 Conference Room
A large conference room that can seat around 14 at the main table with additional seating along the walls.

Small Collaboration Rooms - SL 226 & 228

Picture of SL 228 Meeting Room
Two private rooms for individual or small group use. Can be fitted with a laptop upon request.

Recording Room - SL 229

Picture of SL 229 Recording Room
A private room for recording audio and video. Includes a Windows computer, microphone, webcam, document cam, black backdrop, and noise isolation foam for cleaner audio.

Computer Lab - SL 235

Picture of SL 235 Computer Lab

Computers in this classroom aid in hands-on learning.

Contains 16 Windows computers.