CITE can make your search committee process easier.

Tele-interviewing uses technology to conduct and even record interviews with candidates for positiions - saving on travel costs and ensuring that all necessary search committee members can provide feedback even if they can't attend the actual interview. We typically use WebEx for these tele-interviews.  

Here is how the process works:

  1. You contact us at least one week in advance letting us know when the interviews are scheduled and how many employees will be attending in person.
  2. You provide CITE with the email address for all interviewees. CITE will contact the individuals ahead of time to perform test calls with their home audio/video setup.
  3. CITE books a conference room (typically in Steely Library) and sets up microphones, LCD screen, recording equipment (for review by committee members who could not attend) and other necessary equipment.
  4. CITE attends the session to ensure proper functioning and demonstrations. After the session, CITE retrieves all recording equipment from the conference room.
  5. If the interviews were recorded, CITE provides links to the interviews or can add them directly to a Canvas organization for later viewing.

If you would like to request a session please complete and submit this form.

Helpful Documents

Scheduling a Meeting?  This document provides step-by-step instructions for scheduling an online meeting.

Instructions for those Joining your Meeting  The document provides step-by-step instructions your attendies can follow when joining a meeting.  Email the document to your meeting attendies once your meeting is scheduled.