The Center for Economic Education at Northern Kentucky University’s mission is to increase economic and personal finance literacy in the region. The Center focuses on educating the educators and engaging the community through relevant educational experiences.

Economic education and financial literacy are vital to the success of our region, yet studies show that there is a lack of basic financial literacy understanding. NKU CEE focuses on creating better tools and resources for educators to use in the classroom and hosting continued education/Professional Development workshops.  

In effort to increase financial awareness and economic knowledge, The Center thrives to be a resource to the local community in Northern Kentucky and at NKU. 

Affiliated with the Kentucky Council on Economic Education and the Council for Economic Education.

Resources for Educators

The Center for Economic Education promotes financial literacy and economic education through direct training and partnerships with teachers at all levels (K-16). By providing educators with the resources and curriculum support it encourages them to incorporate economics and financial literacy in their own classes.

Featured Programs

  • Danny Dollar Academy
  • Professional Development workshops
  • Curriculum Support
  • Community Workshops
  • The Economics Challenge
  • Econ Beats

Featured Resources

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