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Alumni Association President, Jennifer Sheffel '02

Maria Reynolds

Dear fellow NKU Alumni –

It is an honor to be serving this year as the President of the NKU Alumni Board of Directors/Alumni Association as our past Presidents are some of the most outstanding and most talented individuals in our region. I am thrilled to be alongside some of the most visionary minds in our region as the caliber of our alumni is truly spectacular.

Six years ago, I reconnected with the University and quickly realized the growth and development opportunities awaiting me to capitalize upon, but even more a new passion erupted in me. Empowering our youth by leveraging our alumni for a stronger community to ensure a brighter future became that newfound passion, and this is even outlined in our mission:

We are key leaders and community partners in the pursuit of excellence for NKU. We contribute our professional skills and experiences to deliver NKU’s mission, vision and goals. We serve our Alumni by seeking to understand their needs and developing initiatives that maximize their engagement.

However, to carry out this mission, we need our Alumni to help us in this endeavor and make this a reality as a Call to Action! The time is now! This is even more apparent as we rise out of the pandemic together with agility and perseverance!

This year, we will continue our phenomenal work in NKU’s three-year strategic plan as defined in Success by Design as we continue to build our future.

This year’s priorities for the Alumni Board of Directors include:

  • Alumni Legacy Day – a new event to support student recruitment, promote scholarships, and bring Alumni and their families back to NKU.
  • Connections – get involved in the University by speaking in classes (virtually or even in class), mentor students, sign up to be an Ambassador or volunteer, attend one of our many outings or community engagements.
  • Alumni Legacy Scholarship and Young Alumni Scholarship – Alumni support students to help eliminate financial barriers, you can even donate today.
  • Strategic Partnerships – we will work to identify partners within the community where you are working and living to connect Alumni back to the University and to support student success.

This is truly a privilege to serve as your next President of the NKU Alumni Association, and I hope Alumni regardless of location will decide to get involved as the pandemic has allowed us to think differently and more creative of how Alumni around the globe can get involved. To learn more, visit

I’m super excited for this year and even more about NKU’s future as we continue to be creative and expand our horizons. Together we make impacts in our community, students, facility and staff as well as one another. Let’s make this Call to Action a reality and connect with us TODAY.


Jennifer Sheffel (’02)

President, NKU Alumni Association