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Access NKU software and network drives from anywhere  

NKU offers a convenient solution for accessing NKU software and drives wherever you are from any device - a virtual desktop.

Both faculty, staff and students can use the virtual desktops.  

Feature Highlights:

  • Windows 10 Virtual desktops for faculty/staff and students
  • Smartphone and tablet apps
  • Use Windows software on a Mac

How it works

Visit From here you have two options.


  1. Choose HTML access - immediatetly launch your desktop in a browser window.
  2. Install the VMware View Client software on your compter - use VMWare View just like you would any software program.

Instructions to Install Desktop Client

Instructions to Install Mobile App

Both options will require you to login with your NKU username and password. After logging in, a window will open that contains all the software and access to your network drives.

Note: Remember that you are accessing an NKU virtual desktop, not your personal workstation.  All files not saved using cloud storage (e.g. OneDrive) or to the J: or K: drives will be lost when you disconnect.


Software Lists

Several Virtual Desktops are available, each with different sets of software.  See below for the specific software available on each Virtual Desktop.

Note: Labs labeled "Windows Only" can only be accessed from a Windows machine, not a Mac.