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Plagiarism Awareness: Intellectual Vengeance

Intellectual Vengeance is a film about plagiarism. The video is approximately 12 minutes in length. It is part of the Creative Thinking lesson on plagiarism.
This story unfolds with a student who deliberately plagiarizes a paper for another student, thus tarnishing his reputation.

Before starting the video, a teacher in the classroom could either use the questions listed in the Student Materials section of this website or write the following words on the board covered in the film: academic dishonesty, plagiarism, cutting-n-pasting off the web, academic/career consequences of plagiarism, etc.

See Lesson One: Plagiarism Awareness for additional information to support these films.



Plagiarism Awareness: Credit Where Credit is Due

NKU Literature Professor John Alberti, author of Text Messaging: Reading & Writing About Popular Culture.

Film Viewing Trouble?

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These films are also available on the NKU video server site at Enter keywords creative thinking in the search box to display the films.