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Respecting Copyright: Copyright - the Right to Copy!

The Copyright: the Right to Copy! is part of the Lesson Two, Session Two. It is a 10-minute video about a local college garage band and their challenges in copyright, including fans who file share but do not purchase the band's recordings. They sample and get into trouble with the law.

The film touches on the following topics: copyright infringement; permission to use & registration of one's own works; illegal file sharing; practical & legal consequences; fair use; ethics and respect for others' works, etc.

It reveals what many mistakenly believe about copyright and music, that copyright law only benefits the rich, famous musicians and record company executives, while in reality it is the lesser known, upstart musicians and businesses (like those in our film) who are hurt by music piracy/copyright infringement.

The film provides pop-up questions and statements for students to think about while viewing and for classroom discussion. Lesson Two: Respecting Copyright reviews the copyright and Fair Use topics and supports these

Respecting Copyright: Copyright and Fair Use.

University of Louisville Libraries Attorney Dwayne Buttler, Copyright Expert

Respecting Copyright: File Sharing or Stealing?

NKU Professor John Alberti, author of Text Messaging: Reading & Writing About Popular Culture.

Protecting Your Works: Intellectual Property for Creators

Attorney David Lafkas, Intellectual Property Expert

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