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iMAGiNExpo event at your school

iMAGiNExpo is a way to showcase intellectual research works of some of the best regional creative student minds at a free mini-convention which spotlights and supports creativity and innovation. Guides are provided for students and educators to offer such an event at your own school. 

iMAGiNExpo is NOT just another cliché science, technology, or art fair. Instead, iMAGiNExpo offers a fresh new venue where the best of the best regional students exhibit, virtually via digital displays, their intellectual creative and innovative research. Student creative research works displayed will relate to an entrepreneurial twist of S.T.E.A.M. subject disciplines: Science (including Health & Medical); Technology (including Engineering); Entrepreneurship; Art (including Humanities and Social Sciences); and Mathematics (including Finance) tied to their curiosity using the new Common Core standards applying various Research Literacy skills. See our iMAGiNExpo section of this site for more details for educators.  

Upper Elementary & Middle School Book Discussions

To introduce plagiarism and copyright awareness lessons for upper elementary and middle school students, we created Book Discussions for the popular books Masterpiece and Scumble as well as the classic tales of Edgar Allan Poe. These class discussions provide an ideal opportunity for librarians and teachers to proactively address plagiarism and copyright challenges associated with research writing exercises. The content of our main lessons on this Creative Thinking site could be combined with the Book Discussions for maximum instructional outcomes.

Teaching Copyright

Teaching Copyright from Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) makes a great companion resource to our Creative Thinking site for instructional content.

Temple Media’s Fair Use Music Video

Here’s a great video to use in the classroom when introducing the concept of Fair Use. Temple Media Education Lab offers a short, fun music video entitled User Rights, Section 107. This three minute film is a great introduction for both students and colleagues about copyright and fair use. The Temple Media Lab also provides lesson plans and materials to help you teach about copyright and fair.

Plagiarism - InformED

InformED offers a useful plagiarism guide of related resources, and originality checkers and identifying tips. The listing of resources alone is very useful for teachers.