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iMAGiNExpo Student Project Based Learning Resources for Educators

The iMAGiNExpo showcased project-based learning and research presentations by some of the finest creative student teams of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region at a free mini-convention. Below are web links to resources to support school librarians and teachers in providing ideas for learning assignments for iMAGiNExpo students’ project-based learning assignment at your event. See iMAGiNExpo Student Contest & Exhibition Overview from this site for more. Here is the FINAL iMAGiNExpo School Librarian and Teacher overview guide. Also, see parental permission form which could be signed by parents before submitting student entries to your school's iMAGiNExpo.

The inaugural public venue opened on Saturday May 17th, 2014 at the newly renovated Covington location of the Kenton County Public Library. Anyone from the general public was invited to attend, as professional organizations tied to creativity and innovation exhibited. In addition, a panel of professional experts spoke about their creative and innovative organizations to assist both students and the general public from inventors to musicians.   

General School Instructional Resources

AASL’s Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards Crosswalk

Partnership for 21st Century Skills (Framework)

ReadWriteThink Lesson Plans Database
School Library Journal article by Annie Murphy Paul entitled “The Science of Interest: Cognitive Research To Engage Students and Foster Real Learning,” November 1, 2013.

Common Core and Related Standard Lesson Examples (Middle and High School)

And the Question Is… Evaluating the Validity of a Survey (Language Arts; Multi-Literacies)

And the Question Is… Writing Good Survey Questions (Language Arts; Multi-Literacies)

Authentic Persuasive Writing to Promote Summer Reading (Language Arts)

Brochures: Writing for Audience and Purpose (Language Arts: Multi-Literacies)

Creating a Great Future: STEM Career Research Using Close Reading (Language Arts: STEM)

Fantastic Characters: Analyzing and Creating Superheroes and Villains (Language Arts; Social Studies)  

Joining the Conversation about Young Adult Literature (Language Arts)

Research & Writing Resources

Creative Thinking @ NKU’s Steely Library (Plagiarism and Copyright Awareness Lessons)

New Know-How (News Literacy)

OWL: Purdue Online Writing Lab (Citation Guide)  

Entrepreneurship Resources

Junior Achievement: Student Center - Learn

Framework for 21st Century Skills: Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy   

Math & Science Resources

ISTEM: Lesson Plans (Indiana Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)

National Education Association – The 10 Best STEM Resources

National Science Digital Library: Serving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education

National Science Teachers Association: Freebies for Science Teachers (Books & Resources)

STEM Behind Hollywood (Texas Instruments) – Engages students about STEM careers  

TED Ed: Superhero Science – Shared lessons from YouTube for the Classroom

Understanding Science: Teaching Resources (Berkeley K-12 Support Site)