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Three Small Children sitting in a chair together

We offer a secure physical atmosphere. The ELC is located in the Math, Education, Psychology building. All entrances are monitored by video and have a coded entrance.

The Center provides breakfast and an afternoon snack that meet the nutritional guidelines and portion sizes recommended by the USDA for children ages 1-14.

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Most families are concerned about how discipline is handled within the classroom. This section is intended to explain the type of behaviors which will require discipline measures as well as the techniques which will be used.

The goals of discipline are to:

  1. Develop inner controls in the child.
  2. Help the child verbalize his/her reactions instead of using physical actions.
  3. Bring the child in touch with his/her feelings by identifying the emotions they are feeling (“I am angry”).
  4. Establish appropriate and constructive behavior.


The Early Learning Campus at NKU is committed to serving a diverse population of children and families, and to providing a multi-cultural, integrated curriculum. In the classroom, pictures, books, puzzles, dolls and dramatic play materials reflect a diversity of racial and cultural backgrounds, gender roles, and special needs and abilities whenever possible. Only current, accurate images of children and families of diverse backgrounds doing real life things are portrayed. Art and music include materials, art work, songs and instruments from many cultures. Families are encouraged to share native customs, music, clothing, books, games, and foods with their child's group.


Children with mental or physical disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all activities at the Center. All children benefit when children with or without disabilities are served in the same setting. Children with disabilities learn important personal and social skills. Children who do not have disabilities experience growth in social skills, increased tolerance of others and decreased fear of human differences.

 The ELC at NKU will make any reasonable modification in policies, practices and procedures in order to accommodate individuals with disabilities. The ELC meets current ADA architectural requirements. Individualized plans are used to meet the specific needs of children with disabilities while under our care and supervision.


The Early Learning Campus at NKU shall not discriminate against anyone for reasons of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, national and ethnic origin in its admissions, scholarship or educational programs and activities.